The Magic of Venice

I had the opportunity to be in Venice, Italy recently and was struck hard by its beauty. The utter uniqueness of the place took my breath away.

I took myself on an ‘artist’s date’ with no agenda other than to explore whatever I was drawn to. Armed with all of my photo gear, I wandered aimlessly down tiny, mysterious corridors, spellbound by the scenes that awaited me at each turn.

Miraculously, every corner seemed more beautiful than the last. The every-day imagery of laundry hanging out of windows to dry and bicycles leaning up against weathered brick walls offered so much allure; a definite contrast to the same sights back home that lack the same lustre.

I was captivated by the fluffy cloud formations that act as a dynamic backdrop to the endless array of diverse architecture. I could readily understand why Venice could be a muse to many a creative’s soul. When the lighting played in the perfect way, the golden hue it cast on the ancient buildings seemed almost ethereal.

I did feel like I was surrounded by endless hoards of other tourists seeing the same thing. However I saw no one else carrying a tripod. Admittedly, it requires some nimble handling and ginger placement in big crowds, but was it was, and always is, worth the hassle.

I met some lovely people that night, which always seems to be the case when I go out with my camera. Other times, I stumbled into peaceful squares where I shared the space with only colorful geraniums. Everywhere geraniums! If it’s not the official plant of Italy, it should be. And the official car of Venice must be the gondola.

I left there with my creative soul on fire: visions of striped poles marking discreet hotel entrance ways; gleaming black gondolas stealthily appearing around gorgeous canal corners; diverse buildings reflecting hundreds of years of history and quaint foot bridges connecting them together. I dream of my return….