Springtime in the Desert

For some, the word ‘desert’ evokes a sense of being deserted; quiet, dead. And dead quiet. However in truth, it’s a very lively affair, particularly in spring. 

It’s a magnificent place to spend time where nature abounds. The hues are breathtaking with bright orange, magenta, scarlet and yellow taking center stage in all sorts of flora. 

Not only are the colors bright, but so are the sounds, with endless birds expressing their happiness at being alive. As dusk settles in, the coyotes’ howls fill the night air with a haunting call celebrating a kill.

How all the desert animals navigate the prickly and dangerous cacti without incident is mysterious. For most, the practice of photography is not considered a risky undertaking. However working in the High Sonoran desert can be delicate. It is easy to get caught up in the wonder of one’s surroundings, but the price of inattention is many unexpected sharp needle jabs in unexpected places. The high stakes simply add to the fun!

Arizona sunsets are legendary and the special lighting they provide adds the perfect backdrop to a picturesque desert scape. 

“My favorite color…the seam of a desert horizon”. ~ Eileen R. Tabios 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer